"Your Body, Your Choice" in the age of COVID-19 vaccination

The current Democrat run administration's gross disrespect for the average American citizen is now officially part of the president's agenda. Standing on the south lawn of the Whitehouse Biden issued a decree instructing all businesses to ignore a federal courts ruling imposing a stay on the enforcement of his vaccination mandate upon their employees. 

This insidious display of Democrat's disregard for our most basic personal freedoms is beyond insulting. The government under Joe Biden has now issued an ultimatum for all working Americans. Either submit against your will to an untested injection or be forcibly removed from society. 

It is no coincidence this direct threat from the government on our livelihood has been issued as we draw closer to the 2022 midterms. The idea that any American unable to confirm their vaccinated status could face restrictions to in person access to polling stations is not out of the realm of possibilities. This could provide the democrats an excuse to extend mail in ballots for another election. A convenient result of the pandemic is the governments ability to place restrictions on our lives that are in turn politically advantageous to their party in an upcoming election. Americans are not dumb. We can see how this vaccine is being used against us by those desperate to remain in power. 

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