"Your Body, Your Choice" in the age of COVID-19 vaccination (Part 2)

At this point the democrats know their hold on power is precarious. President Biden is now openly abandoning the constitution he swore to uphold and protect by undermining the integrity of the courts. Endangering the sacred separation of the three branches of federal government needed to limit the executive branch from a position of unassailable power. We now see Washington operating as an "intellectual elite". Imposing rules and restrictions in the name of "public health" has been an effective, steady process to control the American people through fear and intimidation that is becoming harder and harder to challenge. 

This latest assault on our individual lives threatens the ability of everyday Americans ability to support ourselves free from government assistance. Leaving us at the mercy of a universally imposed income determined by our political betters. At a time of historically high inflation, supply shortages and  diminished workforce availability one must question this administration's willingness to force 2/3rds of Americans into the unemployment line. Congress worked tirelessly to pass the latest expenditure of 1.2 trillion dollars for "infrastructure" while refusing to acknowledge inflation on basic goods. Covid-19 cases are down 25.1% in November but gas prices have increased more then 50% with winter on the way heating our homes is going to be more expensive than ever but this doesn't even make into the nightly news. This week's announcement by President Biden left Americans with one resounding assurance. Obey and submit to this unlawful and unconstitutional vaccine mandate or suffer the consequences self declared dissident against overreaching executive authority. Let's untite and stand together America before government oppression must be endured without end. In the words of Patrick Henry;

"Give me liberty or give me death."

Vote like your life depends on it because America's liberty does.