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Liberty First PAC Membership 2022

Total Cost: $25

What is it? Liberty First PAC is launching a pilot membership program that will last through 2022. Members can support Liberty First PAC’s mission while getting unprecedented value, including but not limited to: exclusive access to events, networking opportunities with a community of like-minded patriots, data, and access to tools to help you organize in your neighborhood.

Who should join? Residents of McHenry County who share Liberty First PAC’s vision and values and want to support its mission.

Benefits Included:

  • Access to all Liberty First PAC events, including monthly meetings with complimentary soft drinks and appetizers; the meetings will come to have special guest speakers that will speak on relevant issues impacting McHenry County.
  • An opportunity to join one of Liberty First Pac's four committees: Candidate Recruitment, Grassroots Outreach, Communications, and Fundraising.
  • Access to Liberty First PACs “members only” content on the website will include analysis of news and insights about elections around McHenry County.
  • Credentialed access to data and contact information of voters in your precinct from Liberty First PAC’s enhanced database of voters in McHenry County.
  • Authorized use of a mobile application to help you connect with like-minded voters near you.

What’s coming:

  • Join Liberty First PAC’s own social media forum, free from the influences of the democrats in Big Tech, where we will exchange news and ideas with a community of like-minded patriots.
  • Access to Liberty First PAC’s “Red Pages,” a directory of values and vision-aligned business across McHenry County we recommend you do business at.

We are taking your recommendations! Please email [email protected] to share.



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