Liberty First Endorsed Candidate:

Colonel Craig Wilcox, USAF (Ret.)

Illinois State Senate, District 32


Decency is an important trait that I embrace in my personal life. As your State Senator, I have endeavored to remain true to the ideals of honest debate where we can discuss the issues respectfully and with integrity, without resorting to mudslinging or attacks on one's character. Let's debate professionally on the current needs of the State, on how to support families, and the pathways to achieve success. As leaders, we set the example for the generations of young minds who will one day be the leaders of this state and country. Loyalty demands that we MUST do better, integrity proves that we CAN do better, therefore we WILL do better.


Colonel Wilcox entered the Air Force as a Communications Officer in September 1989, focusing on Combat Communications. In 2003, he deployed to Southern Iraq to establish the first US Air Base in enemy territory, allowing A-10 Thunderbolts to support ground troops on the march to Baghdad, earning his first Bronze Star. During the height of the insurgency, he deployed to Balad, Iraq, and assumed command of the 332nd Expeditionary Comm Squadron earning his second Bronze Star. His final tour of duty was in support of Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. 


I bring years of proven Integrity, Loyal Service, and Leadership as a Retired Colonel in the military, County Board Member, and State Senator. These traits are essential to lead change, overcome challenges, and foster teamwork that is critical to finding the best solutions that benefit the people of the state. Illinois doesn't have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem! Illinois collects far more in taxes than it actually needs to provide quality services. Increasing revenue only sparks increasing spending. Eliminating wasteful spending can and will result in the reduction of our tremendous tax burden.


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