Diana Hartmann

Liberty First PAC Proudly Endorse Diana Hartmann for McHenry County Regional Office Superintendent 

Diana started a teaching career in 1999 in Rockford. She previously had been an award-winning manager for retail stores and districts. From a young age, she was continuously involved in education. First, she was an adult illiteracy volunteer in high school and taught swimming to local youth. Then while earning a bachelor’s degree in economics, she tutored for the juvenile court system. With a strong background in leadership and teaching, it was natural to move into educational administration. She now holds an educational specialist degree and two master’s degrees in education. Diana earned a superintendent, administrative, director of special education, and teaching licenses. She has served in multiple roles through the years, including teacher, district special education administrator, and program administrator. Diana keeps the students’ needs as the top priority in making decisions. She has worked with high-needs populations in credit recovery, alternative education, and special education. Diana is proud to be innovative and bring students new experiences. She has written grants and created community partnerships to excite students in learning and for their future. Diana has worked as a student services director and special education administrator who co-led the most extensive self-contained state programs for students on the Autism spectrum.
McHenry County became her home in 2005, and she is raising two children here. Because she grew up on a farm in north-central Illinois, she wanted wide open spaces, yet access to all a city has to offer. This county has the right mix of both.


As Regional Office Superintendent, Diana will evaluate all current ROE programs and services. She will bring professional development opportunities to the staff of our districts. It is important for the schools in McHenry county to grow their own and attract high-quality educators. She will be working on initiatives to foster a career in education for our youth and bring talent to the area. Diana will seek out competitive grant money to bring to the county. This grant money can enrich our schools and develop new opportunities for students. Her goal is to hold annually with the community foundation the McHenry County Educator of the Year dinner. This will be held at the end of teacher appreciation week each year to honor all who work in education. Diana will be creating relationships with other R.O.E. colleagues to work efficiently and effectively in the best interest of our students. She has joined the legislative committee to be informed and give McHenry County a presence and voice in the Illinois State initiatives and mandates. Diana will be working on having a community presence to talk about educational matters, inform the public on the roles and responsibilities of the R. O. E. and provide information and expertise.

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