Join a Committee

Thank you for your interest in joining a committee of Liberty First PAC. Below are brief descriptions of the responsibilities of each committee - please review these to help determine the committee that your God-given talents, skills, and passions are best-suited. Then please check the box towards the bottom of the page, fill out the required information and hit the "Save Volunteer Info" button.


The Communications Committee is responsible for website updates, email correspondence, social media posting, and developing and posting public statements on policy and politics. The Communications Committee focuses on building rapport with constituents in the community whose votes are needed to reach the Victory number.


The Fundraising Committee is responsible for large fundraising events, membership drives, and donor outreach. Fundraising handles the creation and implementation of the program: ticket prices, silent auctions, raffles, etc. The fundraising plan should reflect the goals of the organization, of which can be supporting local candidates and growing the organization's reach, while implementing and sticking to the budget.

Community Engagement:

The Community Engagement Committee is responsible for being the Community facing side of the organization, recruiting members and volunteers, helping the Fundraising Team with events and allocation of volunteers, fostering the creation of advocacy groups, and attending local events in the community to create awareness about the organization and show support. The Community Engagement Committee focuses on building relationships with coalition groups that are a function of the Victory number.

Candidate Recruitment:

The Candidate Recruitment Committee is responsible for helping recruit and vet candidates, keeping track of local offices up for reelection, coordinating with campaigns, assisting with the endorsement process, and helping fill Precinct Committeemen vacancies. With a competent communications and community engagement plan, the organization builds trust with the voters in the community, and in turn voting for the people the organization supports.

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