Liberty First Campaign Ethics Petition

Dear candidates,

It has become increasingly concerning to us that, once again, serious negative campaigning between Republican candidates has started to insert itself in this primary season. The Liberty First PAC is disappointed that some Republican candidates are repeating the faulty campaign tactics of false accusations that have plagued previous primaries. This strategy risks Republicans' momentum and disenfranchises voters heading into critical general elections.

Liberty First PAC resolves to promote candidates that pledge to run campaigns promoting themselves, their plans, and Republican values, while avoiding the temptation to resort to negative, false, or misleading campaign tactics against fellow Republican candidates. Liberty First PAC will wholly reject any attempts to influence the election through unethical campaigning, and will work to ensure that you do not represent us on the November ballot by revealing this behavior at every opportunity.

The Liberty First PAC was established to support candidates who compliment the Republican brand while promoting solid values and ethics. Establishing this trust and support is not only critical to winning elections; it is a demonstration of our commitment to fair elections for the people of Illinois.

We invite all Republican candidates to sign our petition pledging to avoid the vitriolic attacks plaguing our previous primaries. We will publish those who commit to this pledge and endeavor to hold every candidate accountable for their campaign's actions.


Liberty First PAC

Will you sign?

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