Wilcox Legislation Honoring Families of Deceased Veterans Advances to House

A measure that honors the families of fallen military heroes received unanimous support in the Senate last week and now awaits action in the House of Representatives. Senate Bill 3031  and Senate Bill 3459 are nearly-identical bills that provide for a showing of gratitude and respect for family members of Illinois servicemen and women who perish during active duty. Senator Wilcox is the Chief Sponsor of SB 3031 and the Chief Co-Sponsor of SB 3459. The SB 3459 version of the bill was brought to the floor of the Senate on Feb. 23, where it received unanimous support.

The men and women who answer the call to serve in the military deserve our deepest respect and appreciation. But it is not just these brave men and women who deserve our thanks. The families that send their sons and daughters into service are a special group of people. Through SB 3459, the Military Code of Illinois would be amended to state that when a member of any branch of the military dies while on State Active Duty or while serving in duty or training statuses, the Adjutant General, the Assistant Adjutant General for Army, the Assistant Adjutant General for Air, or a military designee shall present a State flag to the next of kin of the deceased.